Adallen Nutrition

Over a Decade of Success

For over a decade, our premium quality, cutting-edge technologies and expertise in monk fruit products including improved mogroside extraction and juice concentrate innovation have ensured our global growth.

Our Values

We put our customer first, have integrity, and produce quality products through innovation.

Our Vision

We aim to become a global leader in natural sweetening solutions.

Our Mission

We will provide natural, healthy, and zero-calorie sweetening products & services to people.

Bringing sweetness to North America

Adallen Nutrition was formed in 2013 as the North American sales office for Hunan Huacheng Biotech., Inc. In 2018, Malcolm Greenberg was hired as the Sales Director of our headquarters in Somerset, New Jersey. Malcolm’s job was to assemble a team of “Sweetener Specialists” to spread the gospel of Monk Fruit. Adallen Nutrition’s mission is simple – reduce/eliminate sugar use while keeping the sweetness. Healthy and Sweet.

In 2019, Adallen Nutrition moved to its current location in Cranbury, New Jersey, expanding its office space and warehouse threefold. During that time, the Monk Fruit Guy [Malcolm] and his international team of Sweetener Specialists have shared the benefits of Monk Fruit as a healthy natural zero calorie sweetener to enhance the food, beverage, and nutritional supplement sectors.

As we are about to enter our 10th year of assisting countless customers and formulators with Monk Fruit education and use, we would like to thank everyone for their support and we look forward to a new decade of health and growth together.

Striving for Excellence

Huacheng Biotech., Inc., the leading expert of monk fruit sweetener solution for sugar reduction.

Formed in in 2013, Adallen Nutrition is the North America sales office for Huacheng Biotech., Inc. (HC for short). HC, founded in 2008, is the global leader of the new generation of natural sweeteners. Our corporate mission is to assist in sugar reduction in a natural and sustainable way world-wide.

HC ranks among the top three manufacturers of Monk Fruit Extract in the world. Our primary focus is to provide both a highly sustainable and a continuously stable supply of Monk Fruit.

HC was the first company to transplant Monk Fruit plantings from Guilin, Guangxi to the Hunan province, which resulted in a dramatic increase in Monk Fruit growth and availability. In our constant pursuit of exceptional quality, we have developed and employed an exemplary quality control management system that has become the new standard of excellence within in the industry.

As an example of our constant pursuit of manufacturing quality and excellence, HC has acheived international accolades and certificates, including BRC, NSF-cGMP, NON-GMO project, FDA-GRAS, ISO9001, ISO22000, and many more. Huacheng Bio is one of only three companies globally that have obtained the status of GRAS by the American FDA on Monk Fruit Extract.

Creating and Maintaining

Worldwide Partnerships


Achieving sustainable growth is our target, and our eco-friendly actions show our attitude. Thanks to our growing plantation and new lines set-up, in 2017 we created the largest production capacity in China. This has enabled us to meet our customers’ increasing demand and also achieve better cost savings to our customers all while creating a more sustainable product and process.

Social Responsibilities

It’s not all about business – it’s also about helping those less fortunate and in need. The areas where monk fruit is grown are well-known poverty-stricken areas. With our assistance and guidance, hundreds of economically disadvantaged farmers working on monk fruits plantations have risen out of poverty in the past decade. As of 2021, HC has assisted 15,000 families out of poverty and live a decent life.


Powerful Material Controls

HC has successfully expanded plantations from Guilin to Hunan & Jiangxi provinces by establishing reliable contract plantations with farmers. Thanks to good rapport with local governments, the strong support from them strengthens our position. Monk Fruit/Luo Han Guo is grown, harvested, and manufactured ONLY in China, all due to the perfect blend of soil, temperature, and atmosphere.