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Established in 2013, Adallen Nutrition is the the NOAM sales office of Hunan Huacheng Biotech Co., Ltd. (HC for short). HC is a professional and global natural monk fruit extract products manufacturer to serve food & beverage, cosmetic, nutritional, and pharmaceutical industries with innovative products & service. For over a decade, our cutting-edge technologies and expertise in monk fruit products – mogroside and concentrate with premium quality ensured our global growth.

Exceptional Quality



Monk Fruit Extract

H2-Luo Monk Fruit Extract is certified USDA Organic, FDA-GRAS and Non-GMO. It has 0 calories, and is becoming a new generation of high grade natural sweetener. It is suitable for all kinds of solid beverages, candy, health products and flavors and fragrances.

Monk Fruit Juice Concentrate

Adallen Nutrition’s Monk Fruit Concentrate provides a clean label solution to reducing the use of sugar but not the sweetness. Monk Fruit Concentrate also provides many natural and herbal benefits.


Monk Fruit Blends

Monk Fruit Blend Sweeteners are a healthy sugar substitute made from nature. It is designed to have the similar sweetness and taste of sugar, providing 0 calories, 0 carbs and no blood sugar increase.


H2-Via Stevia Extract is widely used in beverages, frozen drinks, candy, and other sweetened foods. Stevia is a sweetener and sugar substitute extracted from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana. The active compounds of stevia are steviol glycosides which have up to 150 times the sweetness of sugar.

Integrated Vertical

Monk Fruit Industrial Chain

Our Integrated Vertical Monk Fruit Industrial Chain enables us to fully manage every aspect of the business from fields, to R&D, to manufacturing, to shipping and to sales.

We hold top global certificates: USDA and EU Organic Certified, ISO9001:2008, HACCP, TUV Rheinland, FDA NSF-cGMP, BRC, FDA GRAS, KOSHER, and HALAL.

Creating and Maintaining

Worldwide Partnerships


Achieving sustainable growth is our target, and our eco-friendly actions show our attitude. Thanks to our growing plantation and new lines set-up, in 2017 we created the largest production capacity in China. This has enabled us to meet our customers’ increasing demand and also achieve better cost savings to our customers all while creating a more sustainable product and process.

Social Responsibilities

It’s not all about business – it’s also about helping those less fortunate and in need. The areas where monk fruit is grown are well-known poverty-stricken areas. With our assistance and guidance, hundreds of economically disadvantaged farmers working on monk fruits plantations have risen out of poverty in the past decade. As of 2021, HC has assisted 15,000 families out of poverty and live a decent life.


Powerful Material Controls

HC has successfully expanded plantations from Guilin to Hunan & Jiangxi provinces by establishing reliable contract plantations with farmers. Thanks to good rapport with local governments, the strong support from them strengthens our position. Monk Fruit/Luo Han Guo is grown, harvested, and manufactured ONLY in China, all due to the perfect blend of soil, temperature, and atmosphere.