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Manufacturing Equipment

Our factory is one of the largest factories in China and focusing on natural products, located in a beautiful industrial park. It's equipped with more than 10 sets of extraction equipments, and corresponding filters, concentrators, extractors, ethanol precipitation equipments, chromatographic columns, membrane concentrators, drying equipments. Regarding the production ability, calculated as a basis of Luo han guo fresh fruit’s consumption, it can consume 1.8 to 2.2 MT fruits per hour, amounts to consume 48 to 52 MT per day.

Besides, we have top level manufacturing technology and management team in China. Especially our Head Engineer Mr. Qingyu Chen, is a famous expert who has worked in natural product industry since 1992.

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  • manufacturing technology
  • manufacturing technology
  • manufacturing technology

Extraction: 12 sets of 3.7m3 Extraction Tanks 2 sets of Counter-current Extraction Lines

Workshop: 4 sets of Tubular Centrifuges, 4 sets of 2000L Membranes, 8 sets of 1500L Evaporation Concentrators, 4 sets of Spherical Concentrators, 16 sets of Resin Columns .

Clean Area: 1 set of 150 L Spray Drier & 1 set of 25L Spray Drier, 1 set of Microwave Drier, 2 sets of Vacuum Driers.All Drying, Crushing, Blending, Screening and Packing are processed in Clean Area.


All processes followed drying including powder collecting, smashing, sieving, blending, inside packaging, are operated in the 100,000-class clean area.

All warehouses are designed according to the GMP,including normal material warehouse,specific material warehouse,normal finished products warehouse,auxiliary material warehouse,packaged material warehouse,hazardous material warehouse,hardware fitting warehouse and solvent warehouse.

For every product with different specifications, we design mature manufacturing flow chart. The most important is that the whole production is operated by skilled workers and supervised experienced production administrator and workshop director.

For every product with different specifications, we make strict rules for QA on-site supervision, and sampling at every important key point.

Every product with different specifications, conforms to HACCP Plan to control the potential physical hazards, chemical hazards, microbes hazards.

We set up a test method system, QC analyze every item according to the specification sheet and keep all records.

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